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"ASTRA" Border Collie Puppies

"I, Janet Patricia Beale, sincerely believes, that;

All puppies should be microchipped by their breeder ensuring full traceability back to them, afterall, it is the breeder who has decided to bring the pup into the world and for that reason the Puppy Breeder should be responsible for providing back up to the new owner throughout the dogs life.

Please DO NOT purchase a Border Collie Puppy that has not been microchipped by the breeder.

Microchipping is a highly reccommended requirement for Border Collie breeders registering their puppies with the International Sheepdog Society; also known as the I.S.D.S.

Bute holding sheep on the fence


Breeding for Working Ability in the Border Collie

Our dogs and bitches work for their living: they are not just breeding dogs.


Each bitch must show us her natural herding instinct, character, temperament, trainability before she is mated, read more


Each Stud dog must prove himself at work before he is used, read more.

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Only the very best stay with us for Trials and Full Farm duties. Unfortunately we do not have enough work nor time to keep all our breeding bitches for any length of time, in fact; we believe it would be CRUEL to do so. Therefore, these dogs may well be available, at any time, to the right homes as partly trained or fully trained sheepdogs.


Please register your interest with us if you wish to be considered to provide a forever home to one of our bitches. read more


Astra Keyne


Breeding a Performance Sports Dog

We have specialized in producing ISDS registered border collie puppies with strong sheep herding instincts and have placed a great deal of emphasis on wonderful temperaments and biddable.

As a border collie breeder we have achieved recognition for breeding border collie "sheepdogs" with power, agility, stamina and biddability.

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The "Astra" lines of Border Collies have excelled in

  • Sheepdog Trials at National level.
  • Dog Agility at Crufts and Olympia
  • Fly ball

with several Dogs now qualified for World competition in all of the above performance sports.

Other disciplines Astra Dogs enjoy are

  • Obedience
  • Working Trials
  • Search and Rescue
  • Running partner
  • anything you can think of
Healthy border collies


Breeding for Healthy Border Collies

We were one of the first ISDS Border Collie breeders to

  • eye test all litters of puppies at six weeks of age for CEA
  • microchip all puppies bred by us.
  • screen test all breeding stock for their CEA genetic status.
  • hip score for Hip Dysplasia,
Read on...
  • encourage feedback from our owners as to the health status of their "Astra" prefixed dogs as they mature and grow older
  • COMING SOON = Owners can have their own page on our site. Please get together all your photo's and news - it won't be long now.
Temperament is essential with the Border Collie


Breeding for Temperament in the Border Collie

Historically, the Border Collie temperament was not specifically selected for; in fact it is possible that the best dogs had/still have sensitive and "One Man Dog" characters simply because they never meet many persons on the farm and rarely even leave the farms.

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It is also generally accepted by farmers that the Border Collie is a great even if sneaky watch dog, wary of strangers. In my view it was and may still be an advantage; to retain this quality in the working Border Collie to help prevent theft of your best dog.


Because of this many Border Collies are still produced with a similar temperament.


However, we are selecting for Temperament and already are consistently producing ISDS registered border collie puppies with wonderful temperaments and biddability.


As the female provides more than 60% influence on the puppies temperament we believe that a female must have a very sweet nature. All females used for breeding have undergone extensive handling and testing to ensure that their basic temperament is excellent.


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Breeding for Colour in the Border Collies

Without loosing the working ability that the ISDS registered working sheepdog is renowned for, breeding for colour alone must not be done.

This makes our task extreemly difficult, as many factors must be taken into account before a mating is decided upon.

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Since 2000 we have been re-introducing the rarer, very stunning colours back into the standard classic Black/White and Tricolour Border Collie lines, these colours include:-

  • Red and whites also called chocolate or brown,
  • Lilac, a dilute form of red and white, chocolate or brown
  • Slate, a dilute form of Black
  • Red or Brown Merles, also called chocolate merles,
  • Blue Merles
  • the dilute (slate/lilac) version of each merle,
  • Sable
  • All of the above colours often come with Tan cheeks, eyebrows and legs (tricolour)


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Breeding for Conformation in the Border Collie

We believe that the breeding for conformation goes hand in hand with all of the above but especially so with the working ability. A dog which is bred to work must also be capable of working all day in any condition to which it has already been acclimatized.

We look for the following:-

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  • neither too tall or small
  • neither too heavy or light
  • i.e. a balanced dog with
  • excellent easy flowing movement
  • extreme agility i.e. can jump/climb/turn etc with ease.
  • good average sized head for good brain space
  • good feet preferably shaped like a cats'.
  • easy care coat

We also believe that if the breeder starts to get too critical about structure, angulation, colour pattern, ear shape or tail carriage, the dogs shape (conformation) and other important aspects, such as temperament and working ability, start to change and you end up with something you did not expect and most probable do not want.


For example: the structural and temperament differences between the modern Kennel Club show/breed border collie and the working ISDS border collie.

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