Breeding License.

"I am a professional dog breeder and trainer of working sheepdogs,

I consider myself to be a caring, ethical, knowledgeable, and devoted breeder of Border Collies.

It has taken me many, many long and sometimes, very expensive years (more than 25) to learn what I know now.

I am still learning, though I trust, no longer at the dogs expense.

I consider the health and welfare of my dogs before my very own.

I live, eat, sleep and play, Border Collies,

I look after my puppies, dogs and owners because they are my entire life, without them I would cease to exsist."

J P Beale.


We have a rigourous application process - which is designed to discourage people who do not have the time and/or experience for a Border Collie.

All our liters are born in the house and spend the first five to six weeks in a busy environment.

They are then placed into specially built enclosures where they can see and hear everything that goes on on the Farm.

They are brought into the house everyday for a social period

We travel them in the car, have children and strangers visit.

The pups are introduced to our other adult border collies from 7 weeks of age.

The puppies are litter checked by our vet prior to being collected by their new owners.

We will stand by our pups for LIFE

Check our Puppy Guarantees.

As you will come to realise – we require full evidence from your vet or testing body, in order to record these details correctly into our records and only then will be able to decide if any compensation under our personal guarantees or the Sale of Goods Act, may be appropriate – each and every case is different and your input will be much appreciated and will be treated as an individual accordingly.


Remember, stop, think and walk away.

For every puppy sold from a pet shop another will be bred in poor conditions to take it's place.

The life of a breeding bitch is one of perpetual misery confined to a cell and bred from each season.




I am a licensed breeder, because I am required to be by law.

Breeding Legislation in England, Wales and Scotland

A license. issued by the local council is required by law for anyone breeding more than four litters a year or breeding, rearing and selling dogs in the course of business.

As Licensed Breeders; we are checked twice yearly by the local council's Animal Welfare Inspector to ensure that stringent standards are met and maintained.

But this license is a complete farce. It does not guarantee that I am qualified by education, experience or knowledge to care for and breed dogs.

find out about Our Breeding license, we have just applied for our new license - each license starts in January of each year, this page will be updated shortly>


In our opinion the current legislation covering the issuing of a breeding license. is not sufficient to prevent

  1. Puppy Mills / Puppy Farmers (a derogatory term describing the disgusting conditions of welfare and respect for the dogs by the breeder).
  2. A person who just wants the bitch to have a litter because "it is good for her".
  3. Breeding a litter because the bitch owner "wants a pup".
  4. Producers of a litter of Crosses or designer dogs, usually this is due to negligence and wanting to make a profit.

So it really is a question of BUYER BEWARE! to prevent unhappiness so please! be sure to read our website in detail.

What you can do to stop indiscriminate breeding!

Whilst there is demand there will ALWAYS be the breeders who :-

  • Sell to PET SHOPS - these breeders do not care about their puppies.
  • Unfortunately these pet shops are mainly supplied by Licensed breeders who often breed more than one breed of dog. In our opinion: you cannot do justice to more than one breed.
  • SELL cheap pups; especially if the pups look pot bellied and coarse coated and thin when handled, these pups are usually very shy from lack of handling.
  • Sell to anyone who arrives on site, without taking details information about the prospective owner.
  • Do not register their puppies with a world wide recognized stud book.
  • Do no health testing or only the minimum required for registration purposes.
  • Do not question the prospective owner about the home they offer
  • Do not offer additional services or backups
  • Cannot show you the MOTHER, you must be sure that it is the mother (see her in person or at the least; photographs of her feeding the litter etc)
  • Always uses their own sires - this usually means that the breeder is not always going to the best possible mate for the bitch but rather CUTTING his costs or had an ACCIDENT.

DO NOT purchase puppies from breeders who operate as above, as you will be maintaining DEMAND and therefore encouraging them to continue their disreputable trade.

DO NOT purchase just because you feel SORRY for a puppy/person.

DO NOT purchase more than one puppy at a time (wait until the youngest one is a well trained, level headed adult)

What to look for when you purchase your New Border Collie Puppy!

Only purchase from breeders who offer the following as an absolute MINIMUM.

  • Breed with only one breed.
  • Breed only from registered (with the ISDS), health tested parents.
  • The breeder at the very least, abides by (and you can see for yourself) the Code of Practice for the welfare of Dogs.
  • Rear the puppies in a busy environment, i.e.... the home, or at the least, where the puppies are visited by multiple persons at the least five times per day and HANDLED each time.
  • Can show you the mother
  • All puppies are Micro chipped prior to leaving the Breeder (this ensures that the breeder can be traced)
  • The breeder can Guarantee 100% the parentage of the puppies by undertaking DNA profiling, if in doubt or requested.
  • Do not purchase a Nervous puppy, if the puppy is nervous at the breeders premises then DO NOT purchase it, there is no excuse (only neglect) for producing such a puppy.
  • Insist on free insurance for a minimum of four weeks (only available in the UK)
  • Offer full life time back up with testimonials available.
  • Adhere to the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (c. 54) in providing a puppy fit for purpose. Contact your local Council's Trading Standards department.

Finally, if you are not happy about your puppy nor the service you have been given by the breeder (even from us) you must report them to ALL of the following bodies. You may well not get results but if enough unhappy persons do it, something eventually will be done.

  • your local County Council's Trading Standards department.
  • DEFRA in England, SEERAD in Scotland (Animal welfare departments)
  • RSPCA in England, SSPCA in Scotland
  • Dogs Trust
  • Kennel Club
  • ISDS
  • Consumer
  • Lobby your MP to get the laws changed to prevent cruelty and abuse to dogs by indiscriminate breeding and welfare management.
  • YOU!

the Puppy Purchaser is the only one who can change legislation and ensure responsible enforcement to STOP cruelty, abuse and disrespect of creatures who cannot speak for themselves.




A Puppy farmer usually

breeds with Multiple different breeds,

they do not usually register with any registrations body this allows for NO Traceability to prevent over-breeding a bitch and makes it next to impossible for the authorities to prosecute.

B=Puppy Farmers do not necessarily have to breed Multiple litters of puppies as the term Puppy Farmer is used to describe someone who makes little or no effort to ensure the welfare, exercise, mental stimulation, health testing, etc.


The dogs in their care are bedraggled, injured, lack virtually any veterinary treatment, a veterinary surgeon rarely - if ever sees the premises where the dogs reside.,

No care is given to socializing the dogs let alone ensuring good socialization for the puppies,

the dogs are rarely if ever vaccinated against the normal diseases.


SPOT checks are rarely if ever carried out by the officials if the premises is licensed

If the premises is not licensed then nobody knows what is going on.



WE believe that every person who breed even ONE litter of puppies should be licensed and in order to achieve this license we believe that the individual and their helpers must undertake tuition both theory and practical and sit an exam when applying for a license.