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“Astra Sheepdogs - dedicated to the welfare and improvement of the Border Collie breed, by endeavouring to ensure the optimal health, with help from our Owners, of the Astra sheepdog bloodlines.”

Buying a puppy, whether as a working dog for your farm or as a companion/Pet, should not be an easy process.

It is a decision which will effect your entire life from the moment you take your little treasure home.


Apply now button below, after you have read the following.


You will also appreciate that we are unable to invite you to enter into our HOME to view our puppies and sheepdogs until we know more about you.





Please read before you contact us for Additional Information

 Since the Lockdown orders were put in place in March 2020, we have been inundated with requests for puppies and even for foster dogs and older dogs.  (Yes, occasionally we do have older border collie bitches looking for homes).

In 30 years of professional breeding I have NEVER known such demand for puppies. 

21 st May 2020 = 


We still CAN't KEEP UP.  

please see instructions on our application form


Please do not phone, Text or whatsapp.

We are still working through applications for both the Miska and Amiga litters,

preference is given to those who want to work sheep or to amazing active homes.

We have another two litters due in Mid JUNE,

so are also taking applications

for puppies which may be ready in

August/September or later. 

We are that behind that we will only start to reply to any application recieved in April/May from the 28th May.

Please be patient, we will read every application and

then will send emails to all our prefered applicants - to which you should immediately reply to that email answering all our questions.
Depending on those answers we will then invite you to a video appointment, if you have not recieved an email (which is not an autoreply),

please check and keep checking your spam folder.
However, we are sorry but
we may not be able to reply to every single application.  


Please do not apply unless you are prepared to WAIT until at least September, can offer a WORKING HOME or amazing ACTIVE home.



Your choice of puppy, should not be made using personal emotions to buy a pretty eye catching pup of specific coat and colout,

as living with the wrong character (too laid back or too lively, too clever etc) is much harder to live with than an ugly pup.

rather basing your choices on pure simple "Common Sense" coupled with a great deal of research into your chosen breeder and their bloodlines

will go a long way to ensuring success in your future partnership.


With extrodinarily good socialisation and rearing techniques based on modern scientific findings coupled with the many recent advances in training techniques especially those using positive balanced methods,

your successful relationship with your new pup will be easier to achieve.


Breeders now have access via the INTERNET to Scientific tools such as

Amazing education opportunities at competitive prices (even FREE) to keep up to date on Genetic, breeding and rearing practices and health issues.

DNA health testing,

Epigenetic (possible hereditary issues controled by the environment),

Health recording Databases,

all of which are proven to help forward thinking breeders to reduce any health issues in their breeds, the Border collie is no exception to this.



Janet Beale (the Owner of Astra Sheepdogs has set up two border collie groups on FACEBOOK. dedicated to health and better breeding practices.

Visit the following Face-book groups which I have started to encourage border collie breeders and owners to learn more about their dogs.

ISDS Registered Dogs - Health Forum founded in January 2014 and

then in June 2014, I started the

B C Working sheepdogs for the future - Institute of Canine Biology this Face-book group is being developed in conjunction with the Institute of Canine Biology -



Please read the following pages which should be the absolute minimum that any breeder should do for your new puppy,

If you accept less, then this only encourages bad breeding practices and increases the number of puppies/dogs entering into Rescue, or being affected by health issues easily avoided by record keeping and health testing..

How to select your puppy

Our Breeding Principles

Breeding License

Our Puppy Guarantee

Your Puppies Development


Our ISDS registered border collies are so important to us and part of our very big familiy, that we are looking for very special owners - dedicated people who will care for our pups as members of their family.

We know that these special people will appreciate the care and attention we place into our application process, but more especially into the work we place into our puppies and their mothers

and our back up Email and Telephone help and advice service offered FREE with every puppy.


It is from, many long years, of experience that our application process has been developed, and through this process we have found our puppies the most wonderful owners that any breeder could wish for their babies.


Our Application Process:


We like to know who we are talking to and then allowing onto our property (where we live)

We want to ensure complete traceability of where our puppies go and for what reasons that they are being purchased for.

We are looking for proactive, persistent, polite, positive and honest owners who are focused on our dreams of a healthy and as near perfect working border collie.




"click the words apply now! to open the application"


Once you have submitted the form, you must check your Spam email folder or you may not find our replies.

Will will then, email you a detailed reply (not an autoreply) after which an appointment to talk on the phone, Skype or visit personally will be made.

  1. We love everyone to visit our Centre to check out our dogs and puppies, and of course so we can meet you. But we will NOT invite you to our home without the application process being completed.
  2. Be persistent and consistent (good traits in a dog trainer/owner) - we are very busy people and prefer to give the majority of time to our dogs and sheep as we believe that people can and should look out for themselves.
  3. Demonstrate that you have read and will abide by our own requirements of you, as an owner or one or our puppies - We are entrusting one of our "children" into your care. Please read carefully below.
  4. Acceptance. (We reserve the right to refuse the opportunity of owning one of our Border Collie, giving no reason)
  5. Place a deposit (non refundable) to secure a puppy.
  6. Pay in full. (Your puppy will not be allowed to leave our premises until full payment has been received for both purchase and shipping costs.)
  7. Collect your puppy or have your puppy delivered.
  8. In some circumstances we may be able to deliver a puppy to you especially if you are from abroad. So please ask us, with modern technology we can meet on Skype, or WhatsApp and I can show you the pups and dogs on live video feed during our conversation.

APPLY NOW for one of our special puppies

Our dogs must NEVER be sent to any rescue Centre, and not re-homed or re-sold without our written permission.


We expect some guarantees from our puppy owners TOO !

  • Please socialise your pup continuously from day one,
  • Please TRAIN your pup to become a sensible and well behaved addition to your family

Very important = you must feed your dog according to the work done, keeping your dog "lean and well muscled" at all times. - to help prevent bone problems.

- we highly reccomend a Raw Meat and BONES diet free of all Aditives and Preservatives expecially E- numbers - We also reccomend that you keep your home environment as free from Chemicals as possible - to help prevent Neurological and/or skin, allergy problems.


Very important = you must not over exercise or place undue strain your dog by un-natural activities at play nor should you do any running or jumping excessivly (including heights - sharp turns - weaves as well as un- natural Tugging positions) until the dog is physically mature at a. minimum age of 18 months old.

  • You must abide by the Code of Welfare for Dogs.
  • You should neuter or spay your dog/bitch if not intending to Breed, if you do not then please ensure that it does not accidentally breed, but please let us know before you do this and please not before they are 12 - 14 moths of age. (there is a major reason for this - early neutering can have a detrimental effect on Bone development)
  • Please do not allow breeding with your Astra Border collie Dog/Bitch without first letting us know, preferably in writing, (to check the health status of your dogs siblings and other close relatives)
  • ----- we can also help advise you on the choice of partner for your dog.
  • Please do not allow breeding with your Astra Border collie Dog/Bitch without first thinking carefully about To Breed or Not to Breed (you will find useful information here)
  • Please do not allow breeding with your Astra Border collie Dog/Bitch without first following ALL the guidelines on our website (see below) to help prevent hereditary faults.
  • Please do not allow breeding with your Astra Border collie Dog/Bitch unless you are in a position to keep, re-home and train EVERY single puppy that they produce in their lifetime (in case you do not find suitable homes for them)
  • Please do not allow breeding with your Astra Border collie Dog/Bitch without first studying bloodlines, getting familiar with the Shepherding aspects of the breed and ensuring that you get as much advice as possible.
  • ----- we can also help advise you on the choice of partner for your dog
  • Please do not allow breeding with your dog/bitch without registering all of the progeny, First with the International Sheepdog Society (ISDS) or other recognized Herding body before you register with any Kennel Club (show or Agility)
  • ----------- If you live outside of the UK please contact us for further information.
  • Please do keep in touch with us giving us updates by email and (when new website is available) by posting relevant information to us - we want the good news and the bad please..

There is no such thing as a dog completely devoid of potential health issues -

We can only try our best to do everything we can (through an Educated process which includes detailed knowledge about our dogs and their bloodlines).

- we are looking for owners who would like to be a part of our improvement process and want to learn as we continue to learn about breeding, caring and training our dogs.

Are you that special person?


ASTRA Border Collie Owner - your responsibilities! ------ Without your frequent NEWS and help ! , we cannot possibly hope to know, what is going on with your dogs and therefore, cannot then make the best decisions in future matings.

As an Astra Sheepdog owner you are required to notify us FIRST : -

Informing us by EMAIL or SKYPE message or if urgent by telephone/text - leave message.
  • Extremely important information - To give us the FIRST opportunity to give help and advice if something goes wrong with your Astra dog.

  • BEFORE: - Breeding from your dog because - I am very sure that you would not want to breed; without knowing ALL the health information available from the breeder of your dog, and choice of mate, right up to the date of a mating.

  • BEFORE: - Re-homing or selling your dog – giving us the opportunity to help you or purchase your dog from you.

As an Astra Sheepdog Owner, you are also required to advise us by EMAIL or snail mail of ANY non routine veterinary procedures including but not restricted to: - (if urgent help required please contact us using SKYPE message or by telephone - leave message.


Please note: We really want, and need, your help in providing us with all the information of your dogs health results together, if available, all “proof of testing” in hard copy or scanned document.

Once we have confirmed to you, in writing, that we have received these notifications; you are most welcome to add this information onto the relative Border Collie Health Database's.

Without your help we cannot possibly hope to know, what is going on with your dogs and therefore, cannot then make the best decisions in future matings.

therefore, we value your help as we are only as good as our owners.

  • DNA testing INCLUDING:- CEA, TNS, CL MDRI, B12 deficiency, and any other DNA test you may carry out on your dog.

  • Hip Scoring

  • Elbow Scoring

  • Floating Patella
  • OCD = shoulder Dysplasia
  • Testicle retention
  • Epilepsy or ANY form of fitting regardless of diagnoses - with full written veterinary documentation or collaboration with my own vet, this must include details of all the procedures used to reach a definitive diagnosis. (please note that Idiopathic Epilepsy cannot and SHOULD not be made until ALL the process of elimination (including video;s, owners diary, feed analysis, environmental analysis, MRI scans and much more etc.) have been thoroughly carried out) - if you want more information on this please contact me we will soon be providing links to support this information.
  • BCCS = Border Collie Collapse Syndrome - with full veterinary documentation and details of the procedure reached to provide a definitive diagnosis.
  • Colabomin deficiency and B vitamin12 and folate malabsorption - DNA test now available
  • Addison’s disease - with full veterinary documentation and details of the procedure reached to provide a definitive diagnosis.
  • Diabetes - with full veterinary documentation and details of the procedure reached to provide a definitive diagnosis.
  • Progressive eye diseases – including but not limited to regardless of age: PRA, Glaucoma, reduced tear formation, cataracts certified by a specialist examinations.
  • Hearing Loss – including but not limited injury and regardless of age partial or full and certified by a specialist with full veterinary documentation and details of the procedure reached to provide a definitive diagnosis.
  • Heart Defects – including but not limited to age related conditions with full veterinary documentation and details of the procedure reached to provide a definitive diagnosis.
  • Cereal food allergy - with full veterinary documentation and details of the procedure reached to provide a definitive diagnosis.
  • We must be informed, in writing, of anything your Veterinary Surgeon considers COULD be of a hereditary, genetic or congenital cause - with full veterinary documentation and details of the procedures reached to provide a definitive diagnosis. Once we have confirmed to you, in writing, that we have received notification; you may place this information onto the relative Health Database

As you will come to realize – we require full evidence from your vet or testing body, in order to record these details correctly into our records and only then will be able to decide if any compensation under our personal guarantees or the Sale of Goods Act, may be appropriate – each and every case is different and your input will be much appreciated and will be treated as an individual accordingly.

Please, we NEED your help, to continue the improvement of our breeding program and so we can offer a specialist and caring advice service to our owners and other Border collie enthusiasts.  Please, be our eyes and ears; become our spokesperson – pass the following message to all around you =

“Janet Beale cares deeply about her puppies; from before their conception all the way on their journey with you to Rainbow Bridge,


she cares desperately about her own dogs, the success of her students and all her Astra Sheepdog Owners;


caring for you all as part of her extended family.


She really wants to be involved, but recent illness and external stresses of life have interfered with the ideal customer relations,


Janet asks you all to participate in the gathering of this information


and to please be patient, polite and persistent


as good mutual communication is the key to your success with the Astra Sheepdogs.”

ASTRA Border Collie Owner - your responsibilities! ------

If your circumstances change and you are unable to keep your "Astra" Border Collie - for whatever reason,

you must advise us first; giving us the first option to find a suitable home for the dog.

After all we are responsible for him just as much as you are.


We are now able to take deposits for our puppies.


Please do not send a deposit until you receive confirmation that your application to own one of our puppies has been approved

Your deposit is non refundable, unless something happens to the health of the puppy before delivery/collection.

We will NOT proceed with travel arrangements until a deposit has been received.


we jjllmm,,rreerew


WARNING!      A Border Collie Puppy bred by Astra Sheepdog Centre is bred first and foremost for the puppies Herding Ability

which could make the puppy unsuitable as an ordinary Household Pet. Border Collies need to be exercised every day mentally and physically.

Introducing, almost daily and on a continuous basis, the tasks of Agility, obedience and especially tricks will help to keep them from becoming a walking disaster in your household.

(normal walkie's is not sufficient for most well bred Border Collies and certainly not suitable for couch potatoes)

The Border Collie is not a breed which can be taken lightly into many households.

Therefore please think carefully and do your research before applying to us for a puppy.


Have you read ALL our FAQ's ?

With the right type of training and environment numerous Astra Border Collies have been made into top class obedience, agility and fly-ball dogs not to mention their success on the Sheepdog Herding Trials field.