Application to PURCHASE a Border Collie puppy !

Buying a puppy should not be an easy, spur of the moment, process.

From the moment you take your little treasure home, the decision of which pup from which breeder, will affect your entire lifestyle, hopefully for the next 10 to 15 years.

Choosing the wrong pup and/or breeder, is something everyone can avoid by doing their research.

Therefore, we should both take our time, for me it is to find our special new owners and for you it should be to source the breeder who will provide the best, well reared and healthy puppy possible

and of course, offers you lifetime support if things go wrong, just like we do.


You will also appreciate that we are unable to invite you to enter into our HOME to view our puppies and sheepdogs until we know more about you.





Please read before you contact us for Additional Information

 Since the Lockdown orders were put in place in March 2020, we have been inundated with requests for puppies and even for foster dogs and older dogs.  (Yes, occasionally we do have older border collie bitches looking for homes).

In 30 years of professional breeding I have NEVER known such demand for puppies. 
Also if you are not prepared to sign a contract and pay the average going rate (as per classified advertisements) please do not apply.

1st August 2020= NOTICE - SORRY, SORRY -

We still CAN't KEEP UP.  

please see instructions on our application form


Please do not phone, Text or whatsapp.

We are still working through applications for the Goldie and Dream litters born in June 2020,

preference is given to those who want to work sheep or to amazing above average active homes (Agility performance dog sports etc.).

We are planing two more litters this year one from Astra Cloud (will go to a red and white dog still to be confirmed) and one from Astra Maid x (still to be confirmed) these will be the girls LAST litters.

so we are also taking applications for puppies which may be ready in

December/January or later. 

We will contact the applicants we think will give our pups the most suitable homes and will start with application recieved in April/May We will be doing this from the 15th August 2020

Please be patient, we will read every application and then will send emails to all our prefered applicants - to which you should immediately reply to that email answering all our questions.
Depending on those answers we will then invite you to a video appointment, if you have not recieved an email (which is not an autoreply),

please check and keep checking your spam folder.
However, if you are just wanting a pet (and are not already an ASTRA owner, it is highly unlikely that we will contact you as due to the number of enquiries, we are sorry but
we may not be able to reply to every single application.  


Please do not apply unless you are prepared to WAIT until at least December or later AND, can offer a WORKING HOME or amazing above average ACTIVE home.


DO NOT PHONE US - send TEXT or Whatsapp, only to 07724520181 DO NOT phone as our reception is not great and I hate talking on a bad crackly line. We cannot guarantee you will get a reply.