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Working Border Collies,

A Strain of Border Collie:

  • Border Collie with the instinct to be outstanding at Sheepdog herding of sheep, cattle, goats and other livestock,
  • a Border Collie with the suppleness and speed to become a hill sheepdog or to excell at Dog Agility or obedience,
  • a border collie with the character and audacity to think for itself in sheepdog herding, Dog agility or for Heelwork to Music,
  • a Border collie with the temperament and courage to tackle the most stubborn sheep working task or for Working Trials or Search and Rescue work, sheepdog trails or just simply a working sheepdog,
  • A border collie witht the willingness, gentleness and the important "Off switch" to become a companion or pet dog (provided they are given the right stimulation and dog handling)
  • Various coat colours available. - Merle, red, red merle, chocolate, slate blue, lilac, tricolour, black and white.
  • Various coat lengths - Smooth, medium and rough coated in all classic and merle colours.


WE breed dogs which when trained correctly have the potential to work in the conditions seen in the video below


This is how a great dog trains Humans, beware, sometimes the dogs are much more clever than we are

We have put together information throughout the site about research into the Border Collie, as it is our aim to ensure that preventable health and temperament issues do not become established in our bloodlines,


There is a great deal to read here, take your time, visit often, and enjoy.


Please send us your contributions and knowledge too, as it is only through education and the helping of others that we ourselves may be fulfilled and succeed.


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"Astra" Border Collie Puppies

The Border Collie is just that, a breed of dog.


a border collie is NOT a sheepdog; until they have been trained to WORK with sheep or other livestock.


Our Border Collie puppies have been bred for many generations specifically for their supreme intelligence, trainability and outstanding excellence in all the canine disciplines including Sheepdog Herding, Agility, Flyball, walking companion and pet and many other canine performance sports.


Health issues are very important to us and we have innitiated an intensive DNA and hip scoring regime.

We offer FREE quality help for your "Astra" Border Collie puppy throughout it's life by email and telephone.

A lifetime guarantee on proven hereditary and testable diseases common to the Border Collie, such as CEA, Hip Dysplasia, PRA.

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All our border collie pups are Registered with the I.S.D.S.(International Sheepdog Society) and are well socialised with children, other dogs and animals as well as to household and other noises.


Our Border Collies have the instinct and will to work at any job given to them, and by work, they train themselves with just a little help and direction from their handlers.


Real Quality at an affordable price.

"Astra" Border Collie's as a potential Working Sheepdog ?

Check out our video's on Youtube.com/Astrasheepdogs

This video is of working bred I.S.D.S reg Border Collie puppies "herding" sheep for the first time.

The instinct to herd has been bred into them for many generations.

Almost straight away, these pups know what to do with sheep but are still too young and cannot be useful until they are trained to become sheepdogs.

When they are old enough to be able to pass the sheep, they will be shown how to use this instinct to help shepherds with their flocks and may well work on farms and compete in Sheepdog Trials around the world.as Fully Trained Sheepdogs.

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Natural Instinct

Yes, the herding instinct is; afterall, a modified HUNTING instinct, and it starts with what you see here.
These pups are too young and not fast enough to do much else except awaken the instinct. BUT you can see the signs that the pups are starting to show the Border Collie eye and the caracteristic Herding stalk; the puppies are actually trying to CAST out around the sheep.

This first sheep herding experience for the border collie puppy, helps us to decide which puppies to keep for further training to finish as working sheepdogs,

What we see here (the natural instinct and ability - before the shepherd has manipulated the instinct by training) is an essential selection tool in our breeding program

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ALL our Astra prefixed Border Collie Puppies are Guaranteed to have the Herding Instinct by 12 months or we replace the pup.

.(subject to conditions to be met by the purchaser)

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"Astra" Sheepdog Training Centre

We train Border Collies to become sheepdogs and sometimes a few other breeds (Australian Kelpie, Bearded Collie, Australian Shepherd etc.)to work Sheep, Cattle, Ducks and any other livestock that flock together and can easily be worked by a working sheepdog

We train people to become shepherds and sheepdog trainers

We also hold regular Handler and sheepdog training clinics, offering bespoke sheepdogtraining events just for you and your dog.

Our sheepdog training clinics are especially designed to suit sheep farmers, sheepdog trial handlers, shepherds, dog agility - obedience - companion dog owners


We provide help and advice on a one to one basis for your border collie dog and sheepdog rehabilitation and re-training:- specifically for herding breeds but especially for the Border Collie sheepdog.

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These are some of the websites we reccommend you to visit BEFORE contacting us to purchase a Border Collie or Sheepdog.

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Red and White pups

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All from Working parents with full health tests.

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